[Athen] [WebAIM] Acrobat Reader X Portfolio Problem

Karen McCall K4mccall at outlook.com
Sun Aug 1 05:48:47 PDT 2021

OK, on a "hunch" I copied the PDF Portfolio from the SD card to an external hard drive It opens no problem. So apparently you can archive PDF content, especially portfolios, but they can't be archived on SD cards or CD's and have to be archived on internal or external hard drives.


Thanks to everyone who responded. I hadn't tried this before because I haven't had any problems opening PDF content, including portfolios, from storage devices like SD cards.

Cheers, Karen

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Hi Karen,

I have Acrobat Pro XI on one of my training computers. If you can't fix it otherwise, let me know and I am happy to help. I believe XI was okay, but I think X was taken out of the list of stuff they open a while back (just my experience).



On Fri, Jul 30, 2021 at 6:04 PM Karen McCall <k4mccall at outlook.com> wrote:

> I have 2 PDF portfolios that were created against my better judgement

> in Acrobat 10.


> I can't open either of them in Acrobat Pro DC. I get a message saying

> I can only open them in Reader X.


> Does anyone know where I can get a copy of Adobe Reader X?


> Or, does anyone know how to open a PDF portfolio created inX in Pro DC.

> I've even tried opening it in other apps.


> There is no help of the Internet that I can find.


> ...I can't find a setting in Pro DC to allow me to open X files.


> Cheers, Karen


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