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Tablets have come down in price to the point where they aren't too much more than the Echos. Anyone trying a tablet and stylus this fall as a replacement to get that tactile feel of writing notes? I definitely have reservations about doing that, but still might be an option.

Last I checked, OneNote on Android could sync typed notes with audio, but couldn't record while writing with a stylus, but that's been a couple years ago. Anyone know if Microsoft found a way to make recording audio and using a stylus work together?

We're going to offer Sonocent again this fall, but the I'm with Justin in that I didn't get anyone begging to have Glean back. With their pricing model there I can't see using it over OneNote which we have access to as part of our Microsoft contract.

As for pairing with phones to record on the Symphony / Aegir / LiveScribe 3 models, again I agree with Justin that I don't like it. However my younger students are more and more using their phone for everything and seem to be loving the Symphony models. I definitely have a group that the Bluetooth pairing and phone out is too much, so hoping my stock of Echo's gets them to graduation or LiveScribe releases an updated model soon.

It's August 2nd! Good luck with fall startup everyone!

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Hi all,

Another option for handwritten notes with synchronized recordings is AudioNote for iOS.<https://urldefense.com/v3/__https:/apps.apple.com/us/app/audionote/id369820957__;!!JYXjzlvb!2SDfodFI7gTUx2uZvncBwrETN8sIsKBTH4SF1vlF3OaqfeYFoH_Cu4tzCGzvLKV5cA$> or AudioNote for Android<https://urldefense.com/v3/__https:/play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.luminant.audionote&hl=en_US&gl=US__;!!JYXjzlvb!2SDfodFI7gTUx2uZvncBwrETN8sIsKBTH4SF1vlF3OaqfeYFoH_Cu4tzCGxjnihXww$>
There is also an updated AudioNote2
Students would probably need to have a tablet with a stylus, though.


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Howdy Keith!

Yes, we've hit the same wall with the older model of the Echo. I have a couple of newer Livescribe models (a couple of Livescribe 3's and an Aegir), but I'm on the fence as to whether or not we'll double down on these models. I have several reservations of models other than the Echo... most notably the necessity of pairing an external device to get audio recording and the fact you can't physically tap the notes with the pen to start playback of audio (though I realize you can do this by using the notes synced in the app.)

I'm holding out to see what Livescribe does with an updated Echo. It baffles my mind a company with such a great product could be so out of touch and slow to respond to a market like ours, but another topic for a different thread.

As for notetaking apps: I recommend OneNote in many situations. It's easy to use, we have Microsoft365 access for our campus and it's cross-platform. We piloted Glean last year and, while I know it's changed some, I still don't see Glean's value over other options on the market. Students weren't raving when we discontinued our pilot either, so I let their opinion validate my own. :)

I'm still convinced that, in many cases, a good ol' fashioned digital voice recorder with a visible timestamp beats many high-tech notetaking solutions. I really avoid encouraging students use typed notes with OneNote unless they're already typing notes.. as I value the learning potential afforded to most student who take handwritten notes.

Glad you asked this question! Our Livescribe journey has been on my mind this apst week.

Be well,

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The Livescribe Echo pens have been popular, and still are, despite
being discontinued. Remaining ones are hard to find, and have more
than doubled in price. Even the notebooks have jumped in price quite
a bit. Are you using any alternatives at the moment, or laying low
and waiting for the Echo 2 to come out?
Also, if any of your students are using notetaking apps, are there any
that they seem to prefer using?


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