[Athen] Acrobat Reader X Portfolio Problem

Karen McCall K4mccall at outlook.com
Wed Aug 4 07:29:56 PDT 2021

I put the file on an external hard drive and it opens no problem.

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I have Adobe 17, rather than DC...do you think that might work?

Susan Kelmer
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Subject: [Athen] Acrobat Reader X Portfolio Problem

I have 2 PDF portfolios that were created against my better judgement in Acrobat 10.

I can't open either of them in Acrobat Pro DC. I get a message saying I can only open them in Reader X.

Does anyone know where I can get a copy of Adobe Reader X?

Or, does anyone know how to open a PDF portfolio created inX in Pro DC. I've even tried opening it in other apps.

There is no help of the Internet that I can find.

...I can't find a setting in Pro DC to allow me to open X files.

Cheers, Karen

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