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As an occasional live audio person in addition to my day job in IT Accessibility I think that when you try to address a group of people and amplify the speaker you get more clarity with a larger, more robust speaker. In addition to a full PA system I own this little puppy that is nearly the same price as the Chattervox but would require something like a Shure SM-58 mic for another $100.


And with additional mini-jack stereo out Y cable with RCA ends you could also get the output of many laptops.

Not sure what scenarios you’re envisioning and how many units you’d need. On working with others on small setups like this it was helpful to print out a step by step instruction sheet and affix it to the gear as many get confused or intimidated by such gear. If you reached out to a company like Sweetwater who does audio for bands, studios, churches and so on, they’d easily come up with a bundle that would meet your needs.

My sense with Chattervox is that it is overpriced and the small speaker once turned up, would distort too much to be clearly heard by the audience.

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Hi all,
I have been tasked to find some solutions for staff that will be headed back into the classroom, masked, in order to help with clarity and amplification. Some of these instructors will be in our standard university classrooms, others will be out in the community (where they won't know what is there until they arrive-and may not have wireless access).

We have a few Chattervox (all inclusive) systems in our inventory for amplification--but wondered if anyone had tried anything else before I started my research? Again--this is NOT for students requiring accommodations--but for the whole classroom and to reduce teacher strain.

Thanks for any input!

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