[Athen] Pandoc, EquatIO, Grind EQ, MathType

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If the plan is to release the book with an open license, reach out to the PreTeXt team. That’s the LaTeX based book publishing that creates an online version that uses mathjax and a PDF from the same source material.

Putting things into the PreTeXt format is a conversion process, but one that is being offered for free to those who plan to release their books with an open license.


One caveat about this. They are doing the conversion for people who plan to make the PreTeXt version the primary format.

Sample Pretext book on the web: https://pretextbook.org/examples/sample-book/noparts/html/sample-book.html
Same content as a PDF: https://pretextbook.org/examples/sample-book/noparts/sample-book.pdf

Some people in the Open Community really like PreTeXt, because you can integrate practice problems from WeBWorK as formative assessment.

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The WordToEPUB software does have a laTex to EPUB converter, and it does the math as well. You can also go to clean HTML


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Well, since I produce an awful lot of accessible math…

There is no way but the manual labor way, for the most part. It is possible with MathType to convert the LaTex into MathML, although I’ve not done that in several years and I believe there are some issues in doing it. MathType is a cumbersome process, but will produce the best output, and with html files, anyone can use them. Visually they can look as nice as a PDF, with a bit of work on the front end.

I do applaud the professor who is wanting to take this on.

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I met with a math professor who is authoring a Linear Algebra book and wants to make it available via OER. The book is already constructed in LaTeX (about 300 pages). The current plan is to distribute it as a PDF because it's visually appealing. But the professor is concerned about accessibility and is willing to change formats / do some reasonable amount of work to make it so.

That said, they have already looked at Pandoc and found it to be too complicated. MathType would require a lot of time to re-create each equation/expression (or even just copying/pasting the LaTeX into MathType). EquatIO is a similar story. No comments on Grind EQ's potential.

What are your best recommendations for this professor? What else am I missing?


Krista Greear
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