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Susan Kelmer Susan.Kelmer at colorado.edu
Mon Aug 30 11:08:27 PDT 2021

ATN denied the request, saying they were not the copyholder, so I found the copyholder and requested from them and got a denial too.


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Hey Susan,

Guessing the publisher declined you through Access Text, but just in case I did find the book through a Title search in A.T. It looks like the same book, but like you said, I can't find the book on Amazon or Google, so not 100% sure it's the same book.

Human Spaceflight: Mission Analysis and Design, 2nd Edition

ISBN-10: 1733167900 ISBN-13: 9781733167901<https://accesstext.gatech.edu/atn/titles/view/1278749>
(c) 2015
Publisher: McGraw Hill<https://accesstext.gatech.edu/atn/publishers/view/6>


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Human Spaceflight: Mission Analysis & Design 2nd ed by Larson?

I have the first, but not the second. Publisher swears there is no electronic copy except a costly purchasable one on Inkling. Student has a physical hard copy of the book, and has shown it to me. The ISBN doesn't even pull this book up on Amazon or Google.


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