[Athen] Equations in Instructional Text

Keith Kolander kkolander at stchas.edu
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I have used NVDA, MathType and MathPlayer, but lately have been using CAR (Central Access Reader). It’s free, but unfortunately not being supported anymore. It’s not fully compatible with Win 10, but it still works, with some editing as needed on your Word docs. Try it. It has a lot of nice features on it, including highlighting as it reads.
First, convert equations in Word to MML, using MathType. That helps matters. Any equations that don’t read right (stuff not entered in Word correctly for math), you can copy them into MathType and fix them. It also says ‘error’ a lot when it encounters blank spaces in an equation or before it, so getting rid of blank spaces helps.
Do a little test with it and see if it will work for you.

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Hello Jayna

I am not sure I fully understand your scenario but let me take a stab at it. Could you send along and example of a paragraph that have equations within the instructional text?

In order to get NVDA to read math equations in Word, the end user must have Mathtype installed on their system along with MathPlayer. The trial version of Mathtype will work fine because NVDA only uses Mathtype to get the MathML.

I hope this helps.

Alex Marositz
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Hello All,

We are revising a mathematics textbook that faculty on our campus authored about 20 years ago. We are working in the Word file and rewriting the equations with MathType. The project is going well except for the sections that have equations within the instructional text.

We’ve been checking our work using MathPlayer, NVDA, and the Read Aloud feature in Word. The problem is that NVDA and Read Aloud don’t know how to read the equations in the instructional text, but there’s really not a way to alert readers that they need to switch over to MathPlayer, especially when the equation may just be a portion of a larger equation and it’s just a small part of the sentence.

Does anyone have a solution for this, or are there any best practices?

Thanks for any help you can offer.

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