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Sean Loraas sloraas at austincc.edu
Thu Dec 16 14:35:05 PST 2021

I use Central Access Reader, I get good results from both Equation Editor
and Mathtype, check the output in CAR before saving to an HTML file with
MathML, by saving the "FLEX" HTML option in car. Any hyperlinks in your
document will need to be fixed in notepad, you can't use in-documemt links,
so MS word table we of contents won't work, use the CAR table of contents
option for longer documents. The previous message mention space in Math
equations, which cause the voiced "error" where ever they occur. I have
been able to use either Equation Editor or MathType and even mixed in a
document with usable results. Students have really liked the HTML output,
it requires no plug ins or special software, they read it with default
screen reader/browser combos on MAC, OR WIN OS, mobile devices. I send them
both the HYML and MS Word files if they need editing capabilities. With
JAWS now able to read (in theory) equations in MS Word, and the new
Equation Editor & nemeth input out put for braille displays (still needs
some work, hard to set up, but it's a start, requires MS Word 365), things
are finally looking like that holy grail of braille access to Ms word
equations, both reading and composing using Nemeth, will soon become a
reality. I will be sad if CAR allowed to become obsolete, without anyone to
support it's upgrade to newer architecture. The Central Access Toolbar,
another great tool from Central Access, already won't install into MS WORD
2019. A 😭shame tools with such amazing functionality are allowed to wither
without other tools that provide such nimble workflows to screen reader
accessible MathML. (Save CAR, please!) Hope some of that info helps.

Anyone from Central Washington University? What would be required to save
CAR from obsolescence?

Sean Loraas

Accessibility Technician
Alt. Text & Media
Austin Community College
Eastview Campus
Office: 2140

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