[Athen] Does this kind of tool exist or can someone create it and make it open source?

Hayman, Douglass dhayman at olympic.edu
Fri Feb 5 13:36:21 PST 2021

I'm finding that I can use various tools like WAVE or ANDI to identify inaccessible web content like a form field with no label or an image that lacks an ALT tag. But then not being a regular author of web content via HTML, I have to say to myself, "Now how is it your supposed to label a form field?" and go look up resources like examples on webaim.org.

Is there anything out there that will both identify say, a missing form field and then also let the user fill in text that then gets added to properly pair up with the text box? I am thinking of something like what one can do in Adobe Acrobat Pro for at least the lack of ALT tags where one can go image by image, type in ALT text and go on to the next one then save the PDF.

A tool like this that was open source would seem like such a great way to go.

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