[Athen] Smart Pen audio input from computer?

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I don't quite get the desire to capture to a Livescribe Pen as opposed to saving directly to the computer as the end product is going to be audio only and won't be associated with the Livescribe paper. Or will the student be taking notes on the proprietary paper while taking in the Zoom session?

The jack on the Livescribe pen isn't a traditional stereo plug but instead has I believe, 3 rings or maybe 4 and livescribe sells earbuds that double as microphones where it captures from both left and right earbud with tiny microphones pointing outward and also play back left and right via the speakers on the earbuds.

Those proprietary earbud/mics aren't hampered by that pen writing on paper sound and could even be hung somewhere near the computer's speakers if the student is using that to hear Zoom.

Or I imagine the same Livescribe earbuds could be used in conjunction with microphone/headset if that is how the student is taking in a zoom session. And the bigger closed ear headsets would likely make for better isolation of the recording....student has Livescribe earbuds in ear canals and headset on over those to take in zoom...maybe having one earbud hanging loose if one can't hear the zoom session well enough.

That's my 2 cents worth of audio ideas.

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Hi all,
Given the move to remote classes and students still wanting to use their Smart Pens, is there anyway to capture the audio output from a Zoom session on the computer into the headphone port on the LiveScribe Echo pen?
Scenario -- when the student is listening to the Zoom session with headphones because they are in a shared or noisy environment.
I've been trying to use a patch audio cable from speaker out to the headphone port on the pen, but all I hear on playback is the sound of the pen moving on the paper.

Has anyone found a successful hack for this? For either the single audio port on Mac and newer PC's, or for a mic-in, and speaker-out option.

Thanks so much!

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