[Athen] [EXTERNAL] - Help with linguistics notations

Hayman, Douglass dhayman at olympic.edu
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Wonder if the Burke Museum at the University of Washington would have some suggestions.


There are two Salish tribal nations near where I live in Kitsap county and both have such phonetic notations on signage.

Or maybe the newer museum in D.C. https://americanindian.si.edu/

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Hi all. I'm hoping there's an expert in the group. I've gotten files for a linguistics class, and there are a ton of phonetic notations (sample below). I have been able to locate some of them in the IPA Extensions symbols list, but there are soooooo many that I cannot find. This is mostly for Native American languages. I have googled myself silly, and cannot find keyboard codes for any of these (that work, anyway), and don't know where else to look. Any advice appreciated!

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*Please note: I am currently working remotely, so can be reached by email.*

Susan Kelmer
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