[Athen] [EXTERNAL] - has any one ever accomadated a student in a Sumerian class

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Does this student have the ability to see Cuneiforms or would he need content converted into tactile images?

A quick search came up with:


And as a sighted person looking at those who also works in accessible tech, I’d imagine those would need to be tactile drawings or something similar for blind or low vision students.

It was hard enough for me as a sighted person to learn a few hundred Japanese kanji, hiragana and katakana and the Chinese/Japanese characters look easy compared to Cuneiform writing.

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hello everyone and sorry for the cross posting. We have a student that wants to take elementary Sumerian and I have no clue how we are going to help him. One of the class requirements is that the student learn to read and write Cuneiform signs and i have never heard of how that can be done accessible lucy
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