[Athen] Bringing Capito to the US market? - producers of plain language text

Cochrane, Daniel P dcochr2 at uic.edu
Tue Jul 20 07:58:56 PDT 2021

I know ATHEN isn't a forum for vendors, but there is a close relationship between our work as practitioners and the work of the innovators and makers who create the solutions we can offer to our students and/or clients.

In this spirit, I had an interesting conversation this morning with an Austrian company that creates plain language as a service for businesses in the German-speaking world, both through human workers and AI. They are working toward a more AI-driven solution, although acknowledge that human brains will still be needed to fine-tune their product. They are looking to branch into the US market with an English-language solution.

The company is Capito (https://www.capito.eu/) and what they offer seems to me like something we're missing in the US. Take a look at their website (turn on your English translator) and let me know if there is already something like this in the English-speaking world. If not, does it seem like something we need? If yes, what businesses could be partners? They use a business model that has moved beyond the disability niche some time ago, so are looking for corporate partners. Of course, this would also very much benefit some people with disabilities, and probably English language learners. And it would be very relevant to accommodations in higher ed, especially for college experience/TPSID type programs.

Thoughts? Ideas? Reactions? (positive or negative!)

Daniel Cochrane, MA, MS, ATP


Clinical Instructor

Disability and Human Development

Assistive Technology Certificate Program

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