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Before I paid for this subscription, I would definitely give the dictation tool in MacOS a good try first. Be sure to download the full tool to the Mac when you turn the feature on for best results.

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Dragon Dictate for Mac is DOA and has been for a number of years. There are two things that work on the Mac from Nuance:

1. Using a MacBook or a big Mac, one can use a partitioned HD and run the DNS on the Windows partition (problem is having to cut and paste the dictation makes it time-consuming and awkward).

2. Using Dragon Anywhere subscription with a portable recorder, one can dictate directly to Macs. Difficulties exist around bluetooth connections, ability to manipulate, edit, and correct text. Cannot use it hands-free.

Since Nuance has recently been bought out by Microsoft, it is unlikely the Mac product line will be revived or supported.

There is news, though, that Apple has developed their own more sophisticated (more than the current dictation app allows) speech to text program. called Dictation. It costs about $35 for the pro version (no ads) and there's a $20/year subscription required. It does NOT require the internet to use (as with Dragon Anywhere), and it will sync across your various i-Devices.

Here's a link for more info. There's a free trial period (one week).
and the app store link:

Good luck!


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On Tue, Jun 22, 2021 at 12:41 PM Lydia X. Z. Brown <lydia at autistichoya.com<mailto:lydia at autistichoya.com>> wrote:
Hi folks,

Does anyone know if Dragon Dictate works on Mac currently? I'm seeing it listed as supported for OS X. But what about OS 11? Does Nuance provide support to Mac users now?

Thanks for any insight,

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