[Athen] Fixing a Tiff

Deborah Armstrong armstrongdeborah at fhda.edu
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Thanks for both tips.

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Hi again Debee,
One other thought I had is if you can convert the Tif to PDF. Pdftk has a collate feature that seems it'd solve it in that case.

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Hi Debee,
I do not quite understand, sorry. So are you saying you have two files, one with all odd pages and one with all even?
Anyways I looked in FineReader, and if I create a new OCR project, then choose to open images, there are extra options there and one is to split facing pages.
It appears that anything that can be done during a scanning process can be done when opening images instead using FineReader.
If you can get a copy of that it may be worth a look?

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I have a tiff of a book that was scanned several years ago by a student worker.

He did a superb job, except he scanned all the odd-numbered pages in a chapter, then flipped the stack over and scanned all the even-numbered pages. He created a multi-page tiff for each chapter.

He then used some software a friend wrote to reorder everything the way he wanted it and created his own PDF. All I got were the original tiff files -- one file per chapter - before he graduated.

Anyway, OmniPage and both Kurzweils have a flip pages feature, but it works when you are actually scanning, not when you have an already-scanned tiff file.

I looked through the documentation for ImageMagick but I couldn't find anything about automatically reordering pages.

I want to find a batch process for reordering the pages. I was thinking of separating it in to individual pages img001.tif, img002.tif, etc.... I have software to do that ... and then renaming the even numbered pages to 2A, 4A etc. but that's still manual labor.

I don't care what the resulting format is as long as pages are in order and it will OCR if needed for a future request.

Anyone have any bright ideas? I can write code if I have to but I was hoping someone already had a program that did it.

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