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Nan Biltz nan.biltz at missioncollege.edu
Fri Mar 12 08:58:24 PST 2021

Hi Keith,
In addition to other accommodations, here are some of the high and low tech items we either used or planned for students in our Hospitality Management program (and labs such as Chemistry and Computer Networking).

* Etext with ZoomText Magnifier/Reader
* Tablet or laptop for text magnification or digital reader
* Portable CCTV (for distance and close up) or handheld magnification
* Hands free magnifier with light
* Lighting adjustments such as adjustable bright task light
* Digital recorder, audio recordings of recipes or instructions
* Talking devices such as scales, thermometer, calculator, etc.
* Measuring cups and spoons with visual or tactile markings
* Black or white backgrounds to provide contrast for doing some kinds of tasks. In Hospitality, for example, a cutting board may need to provide contrast, or in Chemistry measuring in beakers
* Utensils with weighted or better grips
* Alternate format for labels, recipes, and signage as needed
* Safety oven mitts - Chef may have recommendations
* Assigned locker or storage space for some of the above items so student has access as needed
* We have done in-person Sign Language Interpreting in kitchen, but interpreting or CART services may need to be arranged as Virtual Remote
* Assistive Listening Device<https://www.centrumsound.com/motiva_pfm_330_360.html> for classroom (or Assistive Listening System for lecture hall)

I don't recall ever placing a Laptop or CCTV in the kitchen setting, but rather for classrooms. We have found that anything introduced into the kitchen setting - equipment, devices, personnel, etc. - require planning and collaboration with the Chef/Director for appropriate, safe use and placement.
There may be others I'm forgetting, but hope this helps!
Kind regards,

Nan Biltz
DSPS Alternate Media
Mission College
408 855 5384


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We will be starting a culinary program this year,

and was wondering for those who have one, what

kinds of AT you use in supporting that.



Keith Kolander

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St. Charles Community College

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