[Athen] AT Profiles feature in AIM database management

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You can also pull an aggregate report from the AT Profile. My questions are mostly the same as Dawn's, and I use it usually just to remind myself before student meetings what operating system / screen reader / tts they use. The report data has been nice for writing my year end report.

To get there it's:

Website Controls > Manage AT Profile Templates > Click View for the template you want a report on > view or search > Report in Detail.

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Hi Justin,

We've implemented this option in AIM. We're using it to gather information about technology a blind/low vision student is using. For example, JAWS or Screen Magnification with some JAWS. We're also using this feature to capture what we learn about the student's technology environment, so we have enough to help troubleshoot if someone says they are having computer/access issues. We started with blind/low vision first and hope to expand to dictation and text-to-speech users soon. I believe most of the information is entered by someone on our Academic Accommodations team (Alternate Formats, Testing, etc.) and some by our Access Consultants. If you have any additional questions about our use of AIM, please don't hesitate to reach out and I'll get you connected with our staff.

Questions we ask:
1. Primary Computer Type:
* PC
* Mac
* Chromebook
* Other (Specify Below)
* Additional Note or Comment (has a text field for notes)
2. Primary Screen Reader:
* VoiceOver
* Other (Specify Below)
* None
* Additional Note or Comment
3. Primary Screen Magnification:
* ZoomText
* Fusion
* Other (Specify Below)
* None
* Additional Note or Comment
4. Braille user?
* Yes
* No
* Additional Note or Comment


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External Email

Howdy y'all!

Our office will deploy AIM for case and database management later this summer - and we're looking at ways to use the AT Profiles feature.

I'm curious if any assistive technology coordinators or specialists with disability resources offices here are using this feature - and any advice you'd offer for how you've used it in gathering and storing information about the students you've worked with?

Always grateful for the wisdom in this group!



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