[Athen] Memories of Norm Coombs

White, Phillip Burton WHITEPH15 at ECU.EDU
Thu Sep 16 12:23:55 PDT 2021

I first meet Norm when he was a History professor with RIT at the CSUN conference. This was back in the 1990's. I moved out to California later and he became the head of Equal Access for Software for Instruction (EASI -- a spinoff from EDUCAUSE). In southern California there were a non-formal group meeting with Cal Pol Pomono, Cal State Fullerton, CSULA, and Cal State Long Beach having quarterly meetings. When Norm retire he came out to southern Cal, and we invited him to come give us updates on EASI. He, of course, wrote a book on assistive technology. We called our group even before he came out "West Coast EASI."

Norm was always learning and bring ideas to the group and EASI . We know that he provided great leadership to EASI, and he was a delight to have at our group meetings, which eventually expanded to most of the school in the SoCal area.

Phillip White
Accessibility Consultant
East Carolina University
Whiteph15 at ecu.edu

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