[Athen] Focus Highlight in Windows?

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You can control Windows' basic cursor, size and color.

1. From the System Settings menu, select Devices / Mouse.

2. From the right side, half-way down, select Adjust Mouse & Cursor Size.
Use the slider to adjust the size and choose a color.

3. From the left side menu, select Text Cursor. The first slider adjusts the
size of the text cursor's endpoints - they look like dumbbells. The bottom
slider adjust the thickness of its vertical bar. Don't go too wild with that
one; when it's more than 3-4 points thick it begins to highlight the
letters, rather than just being the text cursor in front of the letters.

4. You also might try High-Contrast settings located in the same group of
Settings. The basic one turns everything to black and white, which creates a
much cleaner screen display that helps some people with reading or vision


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Hey all,

Been teaching some of my sighted work study students to use NVDA and realize
I really want the same focus highlight feature in NVDA for Windows in
general. I have ADHD and am constantly losing track of where the focus is
(pun intended!), then have to take my hands of the keyboard to mouse click
something that may or may not already be active. I didn't see anything in a
quick Windows setting look, but also didn't do a lot of searching. Before I
dive into color schemes, anyone know if changing / adding a bright color to
indicate cursor focus is an option in Windows or know of any software
options to do that?

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