[Athen] Update: PDF Maker problems

Susan Kelmer Susan.Kelmer at colorado.edu
Tue Sep 28 06:53:00 PDT 2021

All of this mess just reinforces, to me, that PDFs should NOT be being produced/remediated and given to students using screenreaders. I don't have these problems with well-formatted Microsoft Word or HTML files.

Sometimes I feel like a bit of a dinosaur, steadfastly continuing to create really great quality Word and HTML files for my students with VI, and not even attempting to make a PDF accessible for them, or to create a PDF as output.

Until Adobe gets its act together, there is absolutely no reason for me to waste time trying to make PDFs work. It is not "easy" or "fast" to remediate a PDF file, and even more importantly, the resulting PDF output is not effective! Why are we collectively banging our heads against the wall, as if there weren't a different path we could (and should?) be following?

Just my cranky .02 this morning.

Susan Kelmer
Alternate Format Production Program Manager
Disability Services
Division of Student Affairs
T 303 735 4836

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