[Athen] Fix for Acrobat is another disaster

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Wed Sep 29 10:28:50 PDT 2021

Today, Adobe released a partial "fix" for the problems with last week's

Today's update - Acrobat version 2021.007.0095 / PDF Producer Library
21.7.127 -fixes these problems.

* When graphics have Alt-text added in Word, the PDF Maker plug-in now
retains the Alt-text.

* The problem with missing outline/selection boxes and marquees seems
to be corrected.

You can read Adobe's release announcement at

What's not fixed and still needs your vote:

* The problem with PathPathPathPath on table rows is still there. And
the PathPath is voiced by text-to-speech, and flags errors in Acrobat's
accessibility checker.

* Graphics that are marked decorative / artifacts in Word are still
coming out with code gibberish in the PDF. AND they are encased in a <P>
tag, not a <Figure> tag, which is a violation of the PDF/UA-1 standard. This
crud is picked up by text-to-speech software, rather than being artifacted.

Keep voting and update your comments at


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