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Our workflow is essentially to convert everything to an accessible Word file. Unfortunately there isn't good MathML support in PDF files so they can't be remediated.

If the student is using JAWS or NVDA, there are ways to ensure that the students can read the equation embedded in Word. If the student is using VoiceOver, you may need to convert the file to HTML with embedded MathML. There are tools which can make the conversion pretty quickly.

Assuming that the math in the Word file is embedded in a MathType or Word equation editing tool, Duxbury can translate the content to Nemeth Braille. Or you can pay a vendor to do it.

As for equation editors in Word, Math Type is the safest bet, but if your ALT staff uses a Mac, then you need to use the Word editor (and JAWS does read out Word equations in an MathML fashion). Note that you need to most recent version of Duxbry to convert Word equations to Braille.

The good news is that anything inputted into Canvas with the equation editor is converted to MathML for screen readers.

Hope this helps.


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Howdy y'all!

Happy new year - and best wishes as you start a new semester!

We have a blind student who has added a math class to their schedule this spring. I feel like we have some logistical hurdles to jump in the next two weeks: (1) The textbook (which I have as a PDF), (2) Lecture notes (which I also have a PDF), (3) Individual and groupwork assignments (which are still being developed), and (4) Assessments in Canvas.

This student is not proficient with screen reading tech anyway, but has said Nemeth Braille is the only modality they've been able to use for math in the past.

I'd be curious if you can share input on the following:

1. Best workflow for readying math content in a PDF to transcription in Braille.

2. Best methods for a student to complete their work in Nemeth Braille and have this transcribed to print.

3. Resources on audio-based scientific and graphing calculators, whether a physical unit or digital option.

4. Recommendations for Braille transcription vendors (sending off-list may work best).

I am a little concerned about the turnaround time, especially considering the volume of material and the amount of content we will not have access to ahead of the semester, but hopeful y'all have some good resources and processes to consider.

Grateful for the collective wisdom of this group!



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