[Athen] Canvas and Dragon Naturally Speaking

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Thank you, Wink, for the information and the URL to the workbook. Did you notice the PDF workbook is not tagged? What a shame.

Take care.

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Hi all,

Nuance has been hard-pressed to keep up with all the cool, useful, necessary tools many of us depend on in voice recognition and voice navigation software. That said, the ease of use of voice navigation with DNS Individual Professional has fallen by the wayside and I've found an add-on tool/utility program which *helps* make many of the DNS tools function better or replaces those that have fallen out of development. The utility program is called VoxAid, downloadable online and seamlessly integrated into the DNS toolbar. There's a version of this software specifically for assistive technology, another for notetaking, and another for mind-mapping. Among other distinct advantages that this add-on offers, there is a more reliable mouse-grid function for voice navigation (an important tool as Cath pointed out!), as well as a great tool to create macros which can be customized for voice navigation, repetitive keystrokes, or repeated functions. Here's a link to check it out. I don't know if Michael (developer) offers demos other than what's available on the website. https://voxaid.co.uk/voxaid-at-edition-for-dsa-and-access-to-work/

Mostly what I've seen in my work with Dragon NS is a "failed" interaction for DNS to dictate directly into websites. Readers Digest explanation is website development & online software programs' HTML code. Doesn't matter, really. There are some workarounds that take some getting used to but which DO work: principally, using the DNS Dictation Box and taking the extra steps to set it to open automatically, then voice SELECT ALL and COPY THAT, CLICK TRANSFER and paste into the desired location (browser bar, text box, etc.). Learning to use the mouse grid for navigation and practice to become OK with the commands needed to move the mouse and select by voice is also important. There are some decent practice exercises for just this very task included in the last version of the DNS 15.0 Workbook. Here's a link for that, too: https://www.nuance.com/content/dam/nuance/en_us/collateral/dragon/guide/gd-dragon-professional-individual-and-dragon-legal-individual-workbook-en-us.pdf

Hope this is helpful in general, even though it's not specific to Canvas!

Wink Harner
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On Wed, Jan 5, 2022 at 9:30 AM Stager, Catherine <Catherine.Stager at frontrange.edu<mailto:Catherine.Stager at frontrange.edu>> wrote:
Hi Lori,
Perhaps you could clarify a bit… is it voice input or voice navigation that is being sought?
Much of how accessible the Canvas platform is depends on the implementation by your university. I was able to input voice text when working in Canvas a couple years ago, but did not attempt navigating. I would have tried using mousegrid to do so.
Best regards,

Catherine M. Stager
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Subject: [Athen] Canvas and Dragon Naturally Speaking

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Happy New Year!

Does anyone know about this issue with Dragon Naturally Speaking in Canvas? I found that it is probably still not accessible based on using Canvas with speech recognition software<https://community.canvaslms.com/t5/Accessibility/Using-Canvas-with-speech-recognition-software/td-p/127378>. The last comment was in 2020.

Thank you,


Lori Lane, M.Ed.
IT Accessibility Specialist
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
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