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I have used bulleted lists within a table cell without any issues. Screen readers seem to handle that fine.

The second table seems to be a bit more understandable to me. I like it better but that's just my 1 cent worth before having even one sip of coffee. It also seems to be a bit more flexible since you can have as many courses in each category as needed. The first table appears to only have one course per cell so you would have to add more columns if more courses were needed in a category.

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Hi everyone,

I have two questions I would like to ask the community.

First question:
Would having a table with the same header across majority of columns be an accessibility issue? Please see example table below.

Equivalent Courses
Equivalent Courses
Equivalent Courses
Equivalent Courses
BIO 100
BIO 300
Math 101
Math 250
BIO 101- BIO 102
BIO 200
Math 100
Math 150

Or should the table be created in this manner following a heading explaining what the table is? Please keep in mind this will be created in a word document.


*BIO 100

*BIO 300

*Math 101

*Math 250

*BIO 101 - BIO 102

*BIO 200

*Math 100

*Math 150

Second question:
Would using a list in a table cell cause any issue?

Thank you in advance for your thoughts and inputs.

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