[athen] JAWS and Windows XP Service Pack 2

Cassandra Tex tex at humboldt.edu
Mon Sep 20 14:14:31 PDT 2004

Greetings All (and sorry for the cross post),

Has anybody experienced the following with JAWS 5.0 on a Windows XP Service
Pack 2 system?

1. When the read title command is given, all that is heard is, "Title
equals". The title bar of the window is not read. This occurred when only
the JAWS windows was open and the command was given just after JAWS was

2. In Word (Office 2003), the read paragraph command (control + down
arrow) sometimes brings up the new document template.

3. Within the Start Menu and the File Open windows, JAWS won't read the
items with the arrow keys. To hear the items, one must use the navigation
key and then use the "say line" command. This creates the need for double
keystrokes and is frustrating.

Essentially, we're having difficulties with sporadic reading by JAWS 5.0 on
a Windows XP SP 2 system. It should probably also be noted that it is the
dongle version of JAWS 5.0, though I wouldn't think that would be the cause
of the sporadic reading.

Any help you could give me would be appreciated! My next step is to
contact Freedom Scientific but thought I'd check with you all first.

Alos, I do know about the update to JAWS, but it does specifically state
that the update is not needed for Windows XP SP2.

Cassandra Tex
Assistive Technology Specialist
Humboldt State University
tex at humboldt.edu

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