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Stewart, Ron ron.stewart at oregonstate.edu
Thu Apr 28 09:42:30 PDT 2005

Working with Marla's draft, thanks again Marla, I have created an
invoice form for those that need one. If you will need a receipt form
then I can do one of those as well, you all just get to fill them out
for yourselves.

Once again the question has come up about PO's, and my response is no
PO's please and no Credit Cards. I have no way to process them, so
unless you are working at one of those very difficult campuses, and
there have been just a few (eight page vendor form required), please be
kind and send cash in its many forms, though getting that pound note
converted will take a while, check, money order, bank draft, or even the
real thing.


Ron Stewart, Director
Technology Access Program
Information Services
Oregon State University
109 Kidder Hall
Corvallis, Oregon 97331
Phone: 1.541.737.7307
Fax: 1.541.737.2159
E-mail: Ron.Stewart at oregonstate.edu
WWW: http://tap.oregonstate.edu

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