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Stewart, Ron ron.stewart at oregonstate.edu
Fri Feb 25 08:22:25 PST 2005

Good morning,

Folks once again we are starting to see a lot of "bounced" email on the various lists that I manage for our communities of service providers. All of the lists that I manage are closed lists, and this requires that you be sending emails to the list from the email address that was subscribe to the list. Bounces are typically caused by a change in email address at your end of the pipe. You can make changes and corrections to your lists memberships at:

and following the provided instructions.

I have set all the lists up at this point to remove you from the list after your account bounces email for seven days. You will also receive bounce notices, but this will not do you any good if you have not made the necessary changes to your subscription to the list so that you actually receive these messages.

The most common cause of this problem is that your email administrators have changed the way in which your campus email addresses are structured. For example: joe.schmo at mail.anyschool.edu becomes joe.schmo at anyschool.edu This will cause any new emails sent to the list to be rejected and emails from the list to "bounce" back. Hopefully your system administrators will let you know before this happens, but don't plan on it.

The solution to the problem is to manage your list memberships as necessary, or to let me know when a change is going to occur and out of the kindness of my heart I will fix the potential problem for you. I would also ask that you remember that these list and my time are offered as service to the field, so Be Nice if problems do occur. I do not respond well to folks who forgot the lessons they learned in Kindergarten.

Ron Stewart
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