[Athen] Jaws and javascript links

Stacy L. Smith stacylee at ksu.edu
Fri Dec 1 09:15:31 PST 2006

This message is for those of you famliar with Jaws - HTML interactions.

K-State uses a homegrown learning management system, which has a very
robust user interface. A couple of semesters ago they changed the main
level navigation to where some links are HTML and some are Javascript.
I just found out from a user this morning that he can't see what turns
out to be the javascript links. THe design team assumed that Jaws
would read the text on the screen and didn't realize that the user may
not be navigating that way (and is instead navigating by looking for

The design and programming crew is VERY interested in accessibility and
wants very much to fix this problem. We have a new release coming out
in early January, and it's possible we could fix this problem by then.
We just need to know how to do that without sacrificing the look and
feel of the page for sighted users.

Does anyone have any experience or ideas to share? For example, we
wondered if there might be a name or value attribute that the reader
might pick up, or perhaps some other very clever solution.

I'm looking forward to your thoughts.


Stacy Smith
Adaptive Technology Specialist, Disability Support Services
stacylee at ksu.edu


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