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Terry Thompson tft at u.washington.edu
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Hi Stacy,

Is there a good reason why they can't deliver all links in HTML? Otherwise
they'll be excluding *anyone* who's using a browser or device that doesn't
support Javascript or that has Javascript disabled. That's a much broader
problem than just excluding screen reader users.


Terry Thompson
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> This message is for those of you famliar with Jaws - HTML

> interactions.


> K-State uses a homegrown learning management system, which

> has a very robust user interface. A couple of semesters ago

> they changed the main level navigation to where some links

> are HTML and some are Javascript.

> I just found out from a user this morning that he can't see

> what turns out to be the javascript links. THe design team

> assumed that Jaws would read the text on the screen and

> didn't realize that the user may not be navigating that way

> (and is instead navigating by looking for links).


> The design and programming crew is VERY interested in

> accessibility and wants very much to fix this problem. We

> have a new release coming out in early January, and it's

> possible we could fix this problem by then.

> We just need to know how to do that without sacrificing the

> look and feel of the page for sighted users.


> Does anyone have any experience or ideas to share? For

> example, we wondered if there might be a name or value

> attribute that the reader might pick up, or perhaps some

> other very clever solution.


> I'm looking forward to your thoughts.


> Thanks,

> Stacy



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