[Athen] Math and Science Access Update - WinTriangle Project

Prof Norm Coombs nrcgsh at rit.edu
Thu Dec 7 13:06:31 PST 2006

Ron and ATHEN folk:

EASI wants to float an idea by you all.

If Ron is willing to make a presentation about these upgrades using our Web
conference system, EASI would love to put on this as a free Webinar and
make it a joint free public event co-hosted by ATHEN and EASI.


At 09:19 AM 12/6/2006, you wrote:

>Good afternoon,


>Some major work has been undertaken by the WinTriangle development team in

>the last few months and a new version has been released. WinTriangle was

>taken opensource a while back and in this instance it has paid off. I

>would like to comment Vivek and the rest of the developers who continue

>this much needed work.


>Visit the updated site, and see how you can provide access to math and

>science materials for your students.


>Ron Stewart



>Ron Stewart, Chair

>AHEAD E-Text Solutions Group

>231 Clarksville RD Suite 3

>Princeton Junction, NJ 08550

>ron at ahead.org



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>Athen at athenpro.org


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