[Athen] Confidentiality issue on etext request

Marks, Jim Marks at mso.umt.edu
Fri Dec 15 10:54:53 PST 2006

We provide the publisher with the information they request. To deal
with confidentiality concerns, we have student complete a print to
e-text conversion form that gives our office permission to pass the
student's information to the publisher. It also verifies that the
student bought a copy of the book and that the person is indeed a bona
fide person with a print disability. The reason we do it this way is
that we want students to be in the driver's seat. It's not the
university that has the relationship with the publisher, rather, it's
the individual with a disability. The role of the university disability
service is to facilitate the relationship between students with
disabilities and the publisher. Sometimes we DS professionals go
overboard in confidentiality concerns, and we have a bad habit of making
the issue about us and not putting the correct emphasis on the student's
right to read. Should a student refuse to disclose the information, we
would probably find another way to get that person an accessible book,
such as hiring a human reader. It's just that we are trying to change
what it means to have a disability so that disability is respectable.
We want our students to be first class citizens, not the objects of an
agency's good works. Below is a cut and paste version of the form we
have students sign. We then just plug in the information on our form
onto the publisher's online form.

As a University of Montana-Missoula student with a print disability, I
request that Disability Services for Students convert the title below to
electronic text, which is accessible to me, for my personal educational
use. I also ask that DSS submit this title in its converted form to
Bookshare.org on my behalf. I certify that I have purchased this book in
print and understand that this form may be submitted to the book

Signature: ____________________________________ Date:

Today's Date: ______________________

Student Name: _____________________________

Student E-mail: ________________________________ Student Phone:

Disability Services Coordinator Name: ___________________________

Book Title:


Edition: ________________________ ISBN#:

Publisher: ______________________________________ Copyright Date:

Please direct any correspondence to:

Disability Services Director Jim Marks

Lommasson 154

University of Montana

Missoula, MT 59812

(406) 243-2243 (Voice/Text)

jim.marks at umontana.edu


Jim Marks
Director of Disability Services
University of Montana
jim.marks at umontana.edu


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In completing my first online request for an alternate text format from
Pearson, I was shocked to see they require the student's name, address
and email on the Request Form - Students with Disabilities. We're not
about to disclose this information! How do you get around this?


Sandra E. Sanders

Assistive Technology Center Supervisor

Counseling Center & Office of Disability Services

University of South Carolina Aiken

471 University Parkway, Box 15

Aiken, SC 29801

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Web: www.usca.edu/cc <http://www.usca.edu/cc>

Email: sandras at usca.edu <mailto:sandras at usca.edu>

USCA - We're focused on you!

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