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Wiersma, Constance A wiersmac at uww.edu
Wed Feb 1 09:01:29 PST 2006


I have a student who has a significant visual impairment-she is legally
blind. She is planning to become a teacher with a preschool through
third grade certification. She is concerned about her inability to see
the children in the classroom. We are looking for some creative ways to
assist her. We have used a CCTV system with an external camera to pan
the room with a student in the past. We are looking at some similar
technology probably using more than one camera and having screens
mounted in strategic areas in the classroom. Remote access to the
cameras would be helpful. She also wants to be able to find a way to
participate in field trips, etc. and be able to monitor the children.

Has anyone worked with such a situation? Or does anyone have any
suggestions? Any and all suggestions-high tech, low tech, sharing job
duties, etc. are welcome.

Thank you for your help with this. I hope to see you at CSUN, where
ever we find ourselves welcome to meet.


Connie Wiersma, Assistant Director

Center for Students with Disabilities

University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

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