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Stewart, Ron ron.stewart at oregonstate.edu
Mon Feb 6 13:26:52 PST 2006

Good afternoon,

As many of you know Oregon State has had on ongoing policy development
project going for about six years. The work was originally based on the
documents that can be found on our program website at:

After many reinventions, redefinitions of intent, and multiple
committees being formed and disbanded, and reformed again this work has
finally resulted in a product. http://oregonstate.edu/accessibility/
I will also be sharing the implementation plan once it has been formally
approved by the powers to be. While not the standards that I had
devoted a lot of time and energy to developing, and had hoped would be
adopted, this document does represent a positive step forward for OSU in
regards to formally adopted guidance on IT accessibility.

I look forward to your comments and constructive feedback. I will
probably be writing an article or two about this adventure in the near
future, it has been an interesting journey and many lessons have been
learned in the process.

Ron Stewart

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