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Will it be possible to pay dues at CSUN?


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Good afternoon,
Some news I need to share with you all:
Based on changing times and the discussion that occurred around this
topic several months ago I am merging the ADTECH and the ATHEN lists and
we will be moving the list to the host for the ATHEN website. I am
planning on making this happen so that the new address is effective on
March 1st. You will receive an email when this has been completed.
ATHEN membership renewals are due on April 1st, and I am in the process
of setting up a system so that you can make your payments online if that
work for you, otherwise you will need to send in a check along with the
renewal. More info on this to follow shortly.
ATHEN elections are coming up, we currently have a vacant treasure
position but the other office positions are up for election as well.
More to follow on this as well.
First issue of the ejournal should be ready just prior to CSUN, it is
shaping up well and I am sure you will find this to be a worthwhile
ATHEN Meeting at CSUN Wed March 22nd 5-6:30 PM in the Hilton San
Lorenzo E Room
Ron Stewart, ATHEN Prez
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