[Athen] Print quotas and Low-Vision Students

Schwarte, David M. schwarte at purdue.edu
Mon Jul 31 05:32:14 PDT 2006

Hello Everyone,

Our University's IT labs have recently instituted print quotas. It will
cost the student $0.04 per page to print using the lab printers. Each
student is given $20.00 per semester for printing. After the student
uses the initial $20.00 he/she will be assessed $0.04 per page. One of
our students with low-vision has asked an interesting equal access
question about the print quotas and I would be interested if other
universities have addressed this issue. The student would like to have
a larger print quota since he/she uses a larger font and would therefore
print more pages for a given amount of information.

David Schwarte

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