[Athen] Print quotas and Low-Vision Students

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We have set up larger print quotas for some of our students and it works
fine. The students are respectful of the accommodation and do not abuse
what they have been granted. Having them take care of their printing
needs is not only good for them personally but ultimately saves time and
money for all.

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>Hello Everyone,


>Our University's IT labs have recently instituted print quotas. It


>cost the student $0.04 per page to print using the lab printers. Each

>student is given $20.00 per semester for printing. After the student

>uses the initial $20.00 he/she will be assessed $0.04 per page. One of

>our students with low-vision has asked an interesting equal access

>question about the print quotas and I would be interested if other

>universities have addressed this issue. The student would like to have

>a larger print quota since he/she uses a larger font and would


>print more pages for a given amount of information.


>David Schwarte


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