[Athen] Print quotas and Low-Vision Students

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I think this is a reasonable accommodation. One easy way to figure the student's new quota is to determine what font size the student needs, figure what percentage larger than the standard 12 point font that is, then increase the student's quota by that much, rounding up for any decimals.

You might want to make sure the student also knows how to adjust margins as that does cut down on paper too.

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Hello Everyone,

Our University's IT labs have recently instituted print quotas. It will
cost the student $0.04 per page to print using the lab printers. Each
student is given $20.00 per semester for printing. After the student
uses the initial $20.00 he/she will be assessed $0.04 per page. One of
our students with low-vision has asked an interesting equal access
question about the print quotas and I would be interested if other
universities have addressed this issue. The student would like to have
a larger print quota since he/she uses a larger font and would therefore
print more pages for a given amount of information.

David Schwarte

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