[athen] Mac Access [let's get started]

Kerri Hicks Kerri_Hicks at brown.edu
Wed Mar 1 11:01:04 PST 2006

On 1 Mar 2006, at 12:25 PM, Pratik patel wrote:

> Hello all,


> I have also just acquired a Powerbook with OSX Tiger. While I

> initially

> beta tested the Apple screen reader, I have not had the chance to

> play with

> the screen reader extensively with latest updates. I will also

> post my

> experiences to the ATHEN blog from the blindness perspective.

I'm really looking forward to hearing about your experiences. I am a
Mac user (and a PC user), and as someone who doesn't *have* to use a
screen reader, I have been so frustrated trying to get VoiceOver to
do what I want it to do, I've given up. Tried on numerous occasions,
given up on all of them. I've heard in developer circles that
VoiceOver wasn't really intended to be a complete screen reader for
people with visual impairments, but more a reading aid for people
with certain learning disabilities. I have been using FireVox for the
last couple of weeks to read web pages, and it's been doing a good job.

Also, applications will vary widely in their support of VoiceOver, as
certain accessibility features have to be built into applications for
them to be available to VoiceOver...there's no central messaging
system in the operating system to handle them, as there is in
Windows. (At least not yet.) :-)

There is some benefit to getting intimate with the VoiceOver manual,
though -- which is available as text or audio.



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