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Pratik patel pratikp1 at lycos.com
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Hello all,

I have also just acquired a Powerbook with OSX Tiger. While I initially
beta tested the Apple screen reader, I have not had the chance to play with
the screen reader extensively with latest updates. I will also post my
experiences to the ATHEN blog from the blindness perspective.


Pratik Patel
Director, CUNY Assistive technology Services (CATS)
The City University of New York
pratik.patel at qc.cuny.eduu

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Colleagues -

Over the past few months there have been sporadic conversations on the
listservs regarding technology access issues of Macintosh computers.
These conversations indicate that few of us have little knowledge of
Apple Accessibility and what we do know is from limited exposure.

A few weeks ago, after a series of conversations with our IT about AT
issues, I was visited by the Apple Rep for BU (Matt Costello) and a Mac
Engineer (John Lemansky). They are very interested in learning about Mac
access from the point of view of end-users and those of us in the
tech-support trenches.

Today I have taken (temporary) possession of a PowerBook G4 for the
purpose of figuring out Access Tech in the Mac World and sharing my
results and reflections. I will have this unit until Mid-April and plan
on using it as my main workstation until then.

I will be posting my experiences on the ATHEN Blog:

This blog does have an RSS feed for those of you with such a preference:

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