[Athen] sharepoint accessibility?

Nick Ogrizovich defnick at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 11 06:16:09 PDT 2006

Hello All,

I just had an interesting problem come up, regarding the accessibility of sharepoint sites. I've
never used it or seen it, but our school uses it on various domains. Am I right in my assumption
that any "access" issues are really going to be your basic web-acessibility checks?

Another person has chimed in, and suspects the problem might be due to credentials, since the user
might be trying to access a sharepoint site outside of their domain, which has its OWN sharepoint
site. I don't think that's an accessibility issue, more of a network problem.

Anything we should really know or watch out for, regarding sharepoint?

Nick Ogrizovich
Adaptive Lab Manager
University of Vermont

(this is the message that was sent)

Does anyone have experience to help us resolve this particular situation? The user is blind, and
uses a software package designed to "read" the websites. There seems to be an issue related to
accessing the Sharepoint site. Here's the user's description:

>It wants to try to log me on before I actually have a chance to type in

>my password, so I get an error. I finally got in and tried to open a

>link to a document and it made all the right noises, but left me at the

>home site.

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