[Athen] magic screen enlarger?

Daryl Murphy dmurphy at collegeofthedesert.edu
Mon Sep 11 09:22:32 PDT 2006

We have used MAGic ever since Henter Joyce, now Freedom Scientific,
bought it from a small company. Back then because of windows 3.1, we
chose to go with it due to the fact that it used the same video drivers
as JAWS. We run 30 copies over the district and we have found that it
has less of a problem then setting up ZoomText. One of the nice things
about deploying it across the network, is that you don't have to
activate it on the workstations and it takes a very small amount of
memory. How we deploy it is with a custom MSI file that loads the first
time the computer starts up after a new rebuild the same way we load DNS
and Microsoft Office. The nice thing about it, is that since we run
JAWS, MAGic also uses the same audio drivers so we can purchase it
without sound which, in the long run, is much cheaper then ZOOM-Text.
The students have used both, and with the newer version, both the staff
and students prefir it. One word of caution, once you make the decision
to go with ether one, and you run a site license with this many copies,
it's very expensive to change.

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I am interested in hearing from those of you who use Magic screen
enlarger in an academic setting. How do your students like it, how easy
is it to maintain and does the authorization scheme permit wide
deployment on your campus?

Thanks, James

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