[Athen] magic screen enlarger?

Clark, Kristina kclark at uta.edu
Mon Sep 11 09:28:03 PDT 2006

We have recently installed Magic on our network server in order to have
it installed in many labs on our campus. The installation to the
individual computer is fairly simple and once it is installed it
connects and gets the authorization from the network. I have not had
much feedback from the students as of yet, but those that have used it
seem to like it. At least, they have not complained about it. They say
that it is very similar to Zoomtext. We are hoping to resolve our
compatibility issues that Zoomtext and Jaws have, and it seems to be

Hope this information helps.

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I am interested in hearing from those of you who use Magic screen
in an academic setting. How do your students like it, how easy is it to
maintain and does the authorization scheme permit wide deployment on

Thanks, James

James Bailey
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