[Athen] Looking for Research Articles on DAISY

Berkowitz, Daniel J djbrky at bu.edu
Fri Sep 15 06:27:13 PDT 2006

Hello all,

I am taking a research course this semester where our final project is a
doctoral level research proposal (which will likely turn into our
dissertation topic for the not too distant future).

The area of interest for this particular assignment is to study either
student satisfaction with DAISY Talking Books or compare reading
comprehension for students using two different flavors of DAISY. Quite
literally having two groups of students, both taking the same class with
the same instructor but have one use "audio only" DAISY (such as that
produced by RFB&D) and the second using either "text only" DAISY (such
as that produced by Bookshare or "text+audio" DAISY (such as that
produced in-house). Then compare the two groups on some sort of survey
(to be determined).

I am looking for articles and research in the following areas:

1) DAISY in general
2) Reading comprehension and electronic/digital texts
3) Use of digital textbooks in areas such as distance education

I am keeping this request to the ATHEN listserv because we are all
members of the same professional organization. I do not care at this
point to share this research on the regular listservs.

Some of you I will likely contact directly with more specific questions.

Thanks in advance all -- anyone coming through and also attending the
AHG conference will be well 'compensated'.

Cheers --- Dann

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