[Athen] Dragon NaturallySpeaking and literacy learning?

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Thanks for the info!


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>I recall a presentation at Accessing Higher Ground where the

>teachers paired the use of Inspiration with Dragon Naturally

>Speaking for at-risk students in junior high and high school. They

>had kids independently writing full essays by the end of the

>grant. They did a lot of coaching in the use of Dragon in the

>initial stages. The students created a web from which to speak in

>Inspiration, using the pictures if necessary.


>A quick look back at the CU site, I found only this reference to the

>late Lanne Lancaster's work with the Community College of Aurora -



><http://www.colorado.edu/atconference/ll-hndouts.html>Composition vs

>Dictation When Using Voice Recognition, and she referenced

><http://www.edc.org/spk2wrt/>http://www.edc.org/spk2wrt/ . She may

>have been part of the work that I remember Cherry Creek High School

>(Aurora, CO) being involved... They may also have been working with

>Adaptive Technologies, an AT provider in the Denver area. (Charles

>or Randy, does this ring a bell?)


>The ATRC at Colorado State has also had success with students with

>major speech impediments although it takes a lot of work and

>patience on the part of the user.

>I know that Voc Rehab in Denver has even stepped back to discrete

>speech recognition for users.



>Cath Stager-Kilcommons

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>Assistive Technology Resource Center (ATRC)

>Colorado State University



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>Hi all,


>Anyone have any information for this request?






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>>>I am interested in knowing if you guys know of any research that

>>>suggests that the above software (Dragon NaturallySpeaking) is

>>>beneficial for children who are experiencing learning difficulties

>>>in literacy. If you do, could you let me know. Thanks, Anne Gilmore


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