[Athen] Dragon NaturallySpeaking and literacy learning?

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DNS is avail in different languages & I've had success with training
individuals with significant speech impediments to use it - even if they
cannot pronounce a word correctly, DNS has a few features in which their
misspoken version can be trained to be spelled correctly.
Also, there is some research, I'll try to find it, that has shown that
multi-sensory input, like the kind derived from the seeing and hearing
provided by text-to-speech technologies, actually improves individuals'
reading level/fluency - one of the reasons is that it increases their
sight-word base.
At PPCC, our anecdotal observations have been that students, on average,
improve their reading skills by at least one grade level.

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Michael Nusen
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You have to be able to speak written English in order for the DNS to
work effectively.

It might work in combo with Kurzweil/Read-Write/Wynn but as a stand
alone, it is not designed to "teach" literacy or fluency.

Hope this info is helpful and not too harsh.



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>>>I am interested in knowing if you guys know of any research that

>>>suggests that the above software (Dragon NaturallySpeaking) is

>>>beneficial for children who are experiencing learning difficulties in

>>>literacy. If you do, could you let me know. Thanks, Anne Gilmore


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