[Athen] Command-&-Control with (Non-Dragon) Speech Rec. Software?

Daryl Murphy dmurphy at collegeofthedesert.edu
Fri Sep 15 07:44:10 PDT 2006

Windows office comes with voice commands.

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>Hi Everyone,

Here's a mix-&-match question for you ...:

We have a client who uses Zoomtext & finds himself repeatedly using the
same small subset of commands. He wants to automate the process & use
voice commands for these operations, but he thinks NatSpeaking Pro would
be overkill. He's looking at various limited-vocab.
recognition programs instead.

Does anyone know of any apps that allow for the limited speech rec.
he needs, yet still have scripting functions included?

Any assistance very much appreciated,


Patrick J. Burke

UCLA Disabilities &
Computing Program

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