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Gaeir Dietrich gdietrich at htctu.net
Thu Sep 28 14:32:30 PDT 2006

Remember, there is the AMX database that campuses who are producing e-text
are welcome to join. We include a job tracking feature, as well as the
ability to assign tasks, set different levels of permission, send e-mail to
students and faculty, request e-text from other participating institutions,
and allow students to check job progress. Best of all, it's free! :-)

If you are interested, please contact Sean Keegan: skeegan at htctu.net

We will be at Accessing Higher Ground if you would like a demo.

Gaeir (rhymes with "fire") Dietrich
Alternate Media Training Specialist / Instructor
High Tech Center Training Unit
De Anza College, Cupertino, CA

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Hi Athen-Landers,

We are trying to brainstorm an electronic (or not) job tracking
ticket/program to keep track of alternative text requests --from initial
request to hand-off.
Do any of you have a form or use a program which works pretty well in
keeping track of student/book, what form it is going from & into, when it
comes in/when it is finished? I know that this is horrendous grammar, so
forgive me the run on sentence!

We got totally slammed this semester and the tracking just has gone south
[so if you find it, send back north to us, would you please?]. If any of you
have a tracking method you're willing to share, we would be MOST grateful!

Thanks in advance,

Blessings in abundance,


Ms. Wink Harner
Disability Resources & Services
Mesa Community College
Mesa AZ
Ms. Wink Harner
Disability Resources & Services
Mesa Community College
Mesa AZ


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