[Athen] Speech Rec for Mac & Scribing/Captioning services

Terry Thompson tft at u.washington.edu
Thu Apr 5 15:45:37 PDT 2007

I think the service Laurie was probably referring to was CaptionSync, by a
company called AutomaticSync:

They're not able to create transcripts (at least not automatically), but if
you have a transcript, you can upload that along with the multimedia file
and they'll automatically time sync the transcript to the video, and send
you caption files as an email attachment. This process actually takes only
minutes, not hours - it's pretty impressive, and pretty accurate from my
experience. They're using speech recognition to identify *when* something is
being said, as long as they already know *what* is being said. Unfortunately
speech recognition isn't yet accurate enough to reliably determine *what* is
being said, so I'm reasonably sure there is no automatic transcription
service yet.


Terry Thompson
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Two questions - I've heard there is a speech recognition program (similar to
Nat Speak) for the MAC. Does anyone know the name and how well it works? Is
it part of the MAC operating system?

Second question - Laurie Harrison mentioned a service that will caption or
create transcripts. You can e-mail digital audio or multimedia files to them
and they can process them within hours, according to Laurie. I thought it
was called accuscribe but I could be wrong on that. ( I looked it up on the
Web and I found a court transcribing service). If anyone either has Laurie's
contact info or knows which service she is talking about, it would be much



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