[Athen] Speech Rec for Mac & Scribing/Captioning services

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There is some speech recognition built into the Apple operating system, but
it is not generally well received in the marketplace. There are two
companies that make speech recognition for the Apple operating system:
MacSpeech (out of California)
IBM's ViaVoice (through Nuance Communications)

Generally, neither is of the same caliber or functionality as Dragon
NaturallySpeaking but both have a substantial number of users.

There are several services that I am aware of that can do captioning on an
as needed basis. Are you thinking of something that uses video relay or
something different?

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Two questions - I've heard there is a speech recognition program (similar to
Nat Speak) for the MAC. Does anyone know the name and how well it works? Is
it part of the MAC operating system?

Second question - Laurie Harrison mentioned a service that will caption or
create transcripts. You can e-mail digital audio or multimedia files to them
and they can process them within hours, according to Laurie. I thought it
was called accuscribe but I could be wrong on that. ( I looked it up on the
Web and I found a court transcribing service). If anyone either has Laurie's
contact info or knows which service she is talking about, it would be much



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