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FYI re Nelson Lauver as a potential motivational speaker with an
impressive client list besides disabilities groups.
Possibilities: graduations, AHG, CSUN, AHEAD,...

Thank you,
Michael Nusen
Coordinator, OASIS/CAC
(Office of Accommodative Services and Instructional Support/Computer
Access Center)
Pikes Peak Community College
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From: Jane George [mailto:jane at theamericanstoryteller.com]
Sent: Tuesday, April 24, 2007 8:59 AM
To: Nusen, Michael
Subject: Pikes Peak Community College

Dear Mr. Nusen,

Realizing your work with Pikes Peak Community College, I thought you may
be interested in the work of nationally syndicated broadcast journalist,
Nelson Lauver. I feel Nelson would be a great fit as a speaker at an
upcoming conference.

Nelson was one of "those kids." Learning problems, behavioral problems,
truancy issues -- in general, a very difficult case. Then, this kid went
on to do something completely unexpected....he succeeded. Today he is
the host/creator of The American Storyteller Radio Journal.

I believe this is a story every person who has a disability, or works in
the field of disabilities/education, should hear. With his wit and
tenacity, Nelson has a remarkable ability to reach out and touch the
hearts of his audience.

To give you a bit more information and background, I've pasted a brief
bio, plus a link to Nelson's info sheet PDF, at the very bottom of this
email. You will also find a link to our website in my signature line.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of any assistance.

Best regards,


Jane George
Executive Producer
The American Storyteller Radio Journal
570-992-0359 ph
212-504-3131 fax
Jane at theamericanstoryteller.com <mailto:Jane at theamericanstoryteller.com>

Website/listen online: www.theamericanstoryteller.com
Info sheet - view or download:

"America is filled with the triumphant success stories of people who
have overcome the seemingly insurmountable to achieve a desired goal." -
Nelson Lauver

Nelson Lauver is the host and creator of The American Storyteller Radio
Journal, a nationally syndicated radio feature. His short stories of the
American Experience are broadcast daily in 60 US markets and resonate
with listeners from every walk of life.

As a professional speaker, Nelson inspires audiences with the stories of
tenacious Americans who have been knocked down and have had the true
grit to get back up and achieve success. He then fortifies audiences
with the tools and resolve to do it too.

Nelson has spent nearly 15 years studying, writing and speaking about
human potential, and the common denominator that turns ordinary people
into extraordinary achievers.

Nelson himself has beaten the odds. At age 29, then a parking lot line
painter, Nelson stopped making excuses and took charge of his life. He
overcame illiteracy caused by undiagnosed dyslexia, and would go on to
become a nationally syndicated journalist, broadcaster, speaker and

Anyone who has ever encountered obstacles, whether individually or
collectively as an organization, can't help but be inspired and
motivated by Nelson Lauver's message along with his wit, tenacity and
incredible communication style.

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